Wellbeing Support 

so Your Team, Your Business

and You

Can Thrive.

We believe that in order to reach optimal wellbeing, it's imperative to take a whole system approach.
Increasing our awareness of where we're out of balance, alongside making small lifestyle changes can have a lasting impact on our health & overall wellness.

There are six key areas of wellbeing which form the foundation of our work with individuals and with companies:

Mental | Physical | Spiritual | Social | Intellectual | Financial



$3 billion is the cost of work-related stress to businesses worldwide.

-Global Wellness Institute, 2016

Fall Foliage




Autumn is in the air. It's the time of year we slow down, we spend more time indoors, and we become reflective. 

One of the most important things we’ve learned over the past 18 months of the global health pandemic is the critical importance of looking after our health and wellbeing.  


Now is a great time to commit to your wellbeing goals to maintain physical and mental fitness into 2022!

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Karl Simons

Chief Health, Safety & Security Officer

Thames Water

"I've found Heather a pleasure to work with. She is a dedicated and effective workplace wellbeing professional who has an in-depth understanding of the drivers and challenges toward supporting staff wellbeing, especially when it comes to mental health. She's been a valuable supporter in providing opportunities for us to escalate and share the strategic work we're doing at Thames Water to create and sustain a culture of care for our staff and supply chain partners. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending working with her as someone to effectively support improving wellbeing for your workforce."

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Ruth Pott

Global Director – Mental Health and Well Being

 BAM Nuttall, part of Royal BAM Group, UK and Netherlands

“I have worked with Heather for a few years and found her to be highly professional, very empathetic and approachable. She is very knowledgeable on mental health issues and helped my organisation begin its journey on managing mental health and well being for our employees and workforce.”

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Candy Stanley

Head of People and Talent


"We are really delighted with the pragmatic, grounded and tailored approached Heather took to working with us. She spent a lot of time up front exploring our needs and circumstances and ensured the workshop content was appropriate for our team. We had excellent feedback from everyone who attended the workshops and there has been immediate value created in terms of raising awareness of the importance of wellbeing, and being able to talk about it. Heather has also provided some invaluable consultancy and support around how to approach our wellbeing strategy and we look forward to continuing to work with her, to help us develop specific areas of capability in the business. Heather has a genuine understanding and empathy towards the sometimes unique challenges start-ups face and offers practical guidance around how to approach managing wellbeing and best supporting our team."

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Workshop participant 


“Heather's course conceptualised wellbeing as multi-faceted and helped me understand myself more and motivate my own personal improvement.”

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"As part of my role at Jaguar Land Rover I was fortunate to be able to work together with Heather. Her passion, expertise and professionalism in supporting us were key enablers to mental wellbeing becoming a key business priority across the company.  Heather is an effective, well-connected expert in the area of Workplace Mental Health and I would highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to improve workplace wellbeing within your organisation."

Matt Taylor

Senior Manager  - Transformation Office 

Jaguar Land Rover

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Glen Ridgway

Former Global Mental Health Lead

Major Construction & Services Company


"I have worked with Heather on a number of occasions and I have always been impressed with her breadth and depth of knowledge around mental health & wellbeing.  She is always professional and personable and working with her is a pleasure."