Wellbeing at Work

Consulting & Strategy

We support HR, D&I, Health & Safety and Wellbeing leads and Exec teams at a strategic level to design and execute customised evidence-based workplace wellbeing strategies and action plans aimed at achieving measurable results over set periods of time. 

We can provide consultancy services to suit the needs of the client, to include a full range of wellbeing business support. Such support can include:

  • designing bespoke trainings and workshops 

  • communications campaigns 

  • action and project planning 

  • coaching   



Aura delivers bespoke workshops designed to address clients' unique business cultures.


Wellbeing in the Workplace


  • A workshop designed for the general workforce to raise awareness around the 6 key areas of wellbeing which form the foundation of our work: mental, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and financial.

  • While we focus on the 6 key areas, the course places emphasis on mental wellbeing and creating a culture of care as research shows investing in these areas will provide the greatest results.

  • We equip both staff and leadership with tools to be more resilient to obstacles and pressures in life and work.Suggested as part of induction process for all new staff.


Mental Health at Work for Line Managers

  • To become better equipped on how to spot the signs that someone you manage may be experiencing a mental health problem and how best to offer appropriate support.

  • We work with your leaders equipping them not only  on appropriate support, but on how to help foster a culture of care which we know contributes to sustained staff wellness.

  • Suggested for all staff holding line management or supervisory roles as part of the induction process or standard management training.

Improving Energy and Performance through Integrative Nutrition

  • Through an integrative nutrition framework, we look at our capacity to sustain energy and performance in both our professional and personal lives through our lifestyle choices.

  • This course recognises that food is not the only thing feeding us; that having healthy relationships, levels of physical activity, spirituality, mental stimulus and eating habits all contribute to nourishing us and creating conditions for us to thrive inside and outside of work.

Custom Workshop

  • Send an email here to explore how a personalised workshop could support your business' needs.


Heather works with individuals as an Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach, helping people to reachand sustaintheir optimal wellbeing.


Her one-to-one coaching can be offered to anyone.


She also specialises in working with employees seeking to reach optimal performance and energy during working hours through her wellbeing coaching programme. This can meet Learning & Development or Personal Development objectives and can be focussed on improved wellbeing inside and/or outside of work.


What People Are Saying

Complementary Resources

Custom resources complementing our wellbeing services included for all clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if this is right for you? Read below to learn more.

How can a coach help me?

A Coach serves to motivate, guide and inspire you to achieve your potential.  At certain times, our lives do not flow as easily as we would like.  This may be due to many reasons such as stress, health difficulties, pain, injuries, lack of energy, clarity or support, to name but a few.  It is my aim to support you in whatever way necessary to get you living a fulfilling and healthy life.  Imagine a time when all was well, how energised you felt and how easy life seemed to be.  I want to help you work towards making this the 'norm'.  Essentially, I help to unblock the blocks - whether they be physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, intellectual or nutritional.  There may always be stressful situations to deal with, but you will have the strategies and reserves to cope with these more demanding times.

Do I need a coach?
That's for us to discuss.  Once we establish any areas that would benefit from some attention, my role is to provide support and the quality information you need and can trust.  I use a wealth of tools to help get you back on track if you've derailed and enable you to feel totally empowered regarding your wellbeing and life.  You choose the goals.  Do you want to feel fitter?  Stronger?  Lose weight?  Have more energy for your job and family? Have more mental and physical resilience?  Find more balance or your unique purpose in the world?  For you to function at your optimum level of wellbeing and feel happy, you need to really feel great from the inside out. I am trained to pick up when something needs further investigation.  At times I may refer to other practitioners for any blocks which would benefit from their attention.  I am experienced in working as a team with your doctor or other health practitioners as required.


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